Therapy with me can be many things.
A conversation about what is, what was and who you might want to become.
A listening cure.
A place to safely share and leave your darkest secrets.
A creative process, where we imagine a new future and detoxify the past.
It will be silence.
It will be tears.
And sometimes it will be boring.
And yes, we can also have a laugh.

Whether you're struggling with loneliness, anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationships or the on-going consequences of trauma and sexualized violence
in my practice I strive to provide a safe non-judgmental environment for everyone including gay, straight, trans-gender, non-binary, queer and ex-gendered individuals and couples.

I work well with immigrants, expats and their children.

Fee: €150 - €100 (sliding scale)

I reserve a number of low fee sessions for people with financial hardship who experience racism and/or gender-based discrimination. The fee per session is €50.

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To make an appointment please
email me at
bettina [a]
or call +43 676 434 1084

Office: Vienna 1090, Alser Str 28
(online sessions available)

***by appointment only***